Our philosophy

MBReels seeks in conceiving and offering innovative fly-fishing products by using the ultimate materials (carbon fiber, titanium alloy, polymers) in an ultimate way.
MBReels takes care of the ecological aspect. Indeed, most part of the reel are produced in our Swiss factory, by this we are able to control its quality and environmental impact.

Composite materials

Our experience in design and composite building is diverse going from high-tech sailing boats (America’s cup), windsurfs, snowboards, canoes and kayaks. We are convinced composite materials are irreplaceable to ally solidity and lightness.

Quality beyond reproach

Swiss products have a worldwide reputation of high quality and finished products beyond reproach.
All our reels are built in Switzerland.
MBReels takes good care this reputation applies for its products.

MBReels history

Our story is a lifetime friendship between a fly fishing passionate and a composite material engineer.
The latter seeks reliability, rational building solutions, sometimes new to the system requirements.
Fishermen want to fish without thinking about their gear and concentrate on their fishing, have a smooth line outflow and a fast winding, an accurate and easy to set brake.
The experienced fisherman and the novelty searching engineer have attentively studied the fly fishing reels on the market and were convinced of the absence of a reel responding to these characteristics.
After a number of prototypes and years of development, we found the best way to use the lightness and solidity of carbon in the building of a fly fishing reel. A new drag was also developed and the winding problem solved.
From then, a new fly fishing reel and new company were born.
MBReels is particularly proud to offer a brand new ultra-light fly fishing reel to all the fishermen happy to concentrate only on their passion.