Are the MBReels reels lifetime warranty?

Yes, MBReels offers a lifetime warranty on its reel for the original buyer. You will find all the necessary information here:

 MBReels lifetime warranty 

Can I use the MBReels in salt water?

Yes, all the materials used for our reels are salt-water resistant.

Is the drag easily reversible?

Yes, the MBReels reels are conceived to allow a simple and easy drag.

This document:  MBReels Owner's manual will help you.

Where are the MBReels reels built?

All MBReels reels are built in our factory in Geneva, Switzerland.

What is the advantage of a carbon fishing reel?

With an equal weight, carbon is 2.5 times more resistant than aluminium and 5 times more than steel. By building it reels in carbon, MBReels has created a reel which is much lighter and more solid than aluminium products.

Carbon rods are breakable, why build a carbon reel?

In a fishing rod blank, most fibres are oriented lengthwise which creates a vulnerability to lateral shock. By systematically crossing the carbon fibres, MBReels assures you’ll have a shock resistant reel with no risk of splitting.

I’ve heard of graphite injected fly fishing reels, what is the difference between that and an MBReels reel?

The graphite injected reels are composed of a mix of plastic and short carbon fiber. The fiber are arranged randomly and not in a precise formation.
On the contrary, all the pieces of the MBReels reels are built in a mould, which allows for the placement of the carbon fiber according to optimal mechanical design of each piece.

Does the rod stay balanced while using an ultra-light reel?

This is a controversial question asked by many fishermen and we unfortunately have no reply. What is certain is that the rods’ weights is continuously decreasing and that most reel builders offer light to extra light reel weighing 100-120 grams.