carbon fly reel

Fly reel carbon construction

MBReels large arbour fly fishing reel was developed to fish with a light or ultra-light rod and line.
It has been designed and tested by demanding anglers.
For its 2.2 model, MBReels made no compromise on the performance, weight (ultra-light: 2.2 oz) or size (diameter 3.62 inches).
Many fishing sessions (Henry’s Fork, Missouri, Tweed, Boyne, Doubs, Loue) have put forward the reliability and the robustness of the MB 2.2 reel.

MBReels fly reel construction

MBReels model 2.2 reels are entirely built out of high module aircraft-grade carbon fiber and resins.
The orientation of its fibres is optimal and follows structural constraints, which sets this fly fishing reel far apart from the aluminium and thermoplastic products usually sold by other builder. MBReels model 2.2 reels are high-precision products designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
As for fly fishing rod blanks, the use of long carbon fiber allows an extreme resistance of the fly fishing reels.
To produce MBReels model 2.2 reels, the various carbon layers are thoroughly saturated with resin and placed in moulds by hand.
Depending on the part, the number of layers ranges from 6 to 28, and is designed for maximum load absorption and to eliminate the risk of cracks.
The parts are then pressed and hardened at high temperature for 16 hours, in order to provide best resistance to shocks, stress and temperature.