MBReels fly reel concept

Unique Fly Reel Concept

New fly fishing reel concept

A large arbour made in carbon fibres, an unrivalled weight of 2.2 oz, a smooth release of the fishing line, a precise ceramic drag which is easily adjustable while in action, those are the features of this fly fishing reel.

Fly reel frame

MBReels fly reel frame

The MBReels 2.2 reels cage-shaped frame offers many important advantages:

  • It solidifies the whole reel and protects the spool.
  • It ensures an optimal release of the fishing line since the line does not rub on the spool.
  • The positioning of the arms at 120° avoids wearing of the friction areas between line and frame (we have often noted this weakness with other reels!) and allows great flexi-bility in the way the line is released.
  • The reel foot meets the AFFTA standards and fits on any rod.
  • Its titanium shaft is light and robust, and the spool locking system remains attached to the frame, eliminating the risk of its loss.
  • Brake adjustment is easy, using either left or right hand, even while in action.

Large arbour spool

The openworked spool and extremely strong spool is characterized by:

  • An 3.46 inches diameter which allows a quick retrieval of the fishing line.
  • A good-sized and easy to grip crank.
  • The U shaped enables smooth winding of the fishing and backing line.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings which are waterproof and maintenance-free.

Reel drag

MBReels drag system

The oversized and totally reversible drag combines extreme smoothness and firmness. Its attributes are:

  • A totally ventilated, ceramic covered drum.
  • A large diameter which provides powerful drag torque combined with low pressure on the teflon pad.
  • Fine tuning which is indexed by a ball stop and easily accessible with either hand.
  • A radial functioning which avoids vibrations and overload of the ball bearings in the spool.
  • A low resistance to line winding
  • A high capacity to absorb extreme tension during fish start. Thanks to its delayed en-gagement, particularly in downstream fishing.